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How Do I Get My Fan Installed?

Installation is straightforward and simple. Ideally if you are handy you can install the fans yourself and have them wired by a licensed electrician or simply plug them in.  Normally any handyman, electrician or contractor can install a whole house fan.

How Do QuietCool Fans Work?

Because heat rises, the rooms upstairs and especially your attic is generally much hotter than the rest of your home.  This hot air acts like a heating blanket that keeps your entire home hot, even into the cool evening hours.

QuietCool Fans remove the hot and stale air from your entire home and replaces it with cool outside air.  The fans Quietly pull the cool air into the home through several opened windows.  As the air circulates, the fans suck the air up into your attic.  This creates a positive pressure in the attic causing the hot air to be pushed out your attic through the existing attic vents.  This continuous circulation of air not only cools your attic, but also cools your entire living space.  You can actually feet a cool breeze of air.

The motors and flexible ducting for the QuietCool Fans are installed in your attic space so the only thing visible from inside your home is an attractive, white ceiling grille and a switch & timer on the wall.  We recommend installing smaller fans (like the QC-1500, QC ES-1500, QC ES-2250 or the QC-2250) in each of your occupied bedrooms and a larger QuietCool fan in the hallway.  Yes, you can sleep with the QuietCools running on warm summer nights.

Utility companies report that the installation of a whole house fan can cut some air conditioning bills in half!

QuietCool Fans Are Truly Amazing! They Are Maintenance Free and Come With A 10 Year Warranty!

Order Your QuietCool Fans Today!

AFG ES-1500 Gable Attic Fan With Energy Savings Motor

low energy attic fan
low energy attic fan
MSRP: $349.00
Price: $299.00
You Save: $50.00 (14 %)

This item has been discontinued and replaced by the AFG SMT-3.0 Smart Attic Fan

The QuietCool AFG ES-1500 attic fan mounts to a gable vent.  This amazing attic fan uses much less electricity then a traditional home improvement store attic fan. The secret is in the special ES motor that uses only 30 watts of power. T
he AFG ES-1500 has an amazing 52 CFM/watt rating and ranks at the top of the California Energy Commission chart for energy efficiency.  This gable attic fan is so energy efficient that it can be left on year round or wire to a thermostat (set to 80 degrees) for automatic and controlled operation.

QuietCool Attic Fans: The QuietCool Attic Fans help cool your attic, and keep your home from heating up as quickly on very hot days. We offer two great models: the AFG ES-1500, the most energy efficient attic fan, and the AFG CON-3.0, the most powerful residential attic fan. Both fans have stellar energy efficiency and astounding airflow.


The fact is that this gable fan is slightly more expensive to purchase initially than an attic fan that you would find at a Home Depot or Lowes home improvement stores, and having a hard wired attic fans offfer reliability compared to a solar attic fan, however the greatest benefit is the energy savings with this attic fan over a short period of time.  You will see that this amazing AC/DC brushless motor attic fan actually uses about 1/15 the energy of the traditional gable attic fans sold in many stores!

This QuietCool AFG ES-1500 fan mounts on a gable vent in the attic and work great for ventilating your attic space. Combine this fan with the QuietCool fans for whole house and attic ventilation year round.

**Note - This gable fan should be hardwired by an electrician.  An included thermostat is ideal but not required.  If you must use a remote system, this fan will only work with the X-10 remote with an in-line relay.  It will not work with the BYE BYE Standby Remotes.

**Variable speed controllers can not be used on the Attic Fan or any of the ES Energy Saver fans as they all have the brushless electronic motors.

Gable Fan Sizing:  Do I need More Than One Gable Fan?

The HVI, Home Ventilation Institute, recommends .7 cfm per sq. ft. That means if you took the square feet of the attic and times it by .7, you would have the cfms recommended. In other words, this is 700 cfms for every 1000 square feet of attic. As an example, if you have a 2,800 sq. ft home, the attic could be anywhere from 1000 to 2000 sq ft. in a 2 story home (or up to 2800 sq ft. in a single story). If a 2 story home, probably 1 attic fan is sufficient or if you have a large single story home, then 2 gable attic fans are recommended.

Q and A:

Question: Are your gable fans safe when there is a gas hot water heater in the attic. how many square feet of venting is  minimal when there's a gas hot water heater is installed.

A: Yes, Gable attic fans are safe when there's a gas hot water heater installed in the attic, you need 1.5 Sq Ft of venting in the attic.

Question: I am interested in putting a attic fan in my 2 story 1500 square foot home.  I don't want it to be loud. was doing some research. can you offer any help

A: Yes I can. Our AFG ES Gable Attic fan is really quiet.
Q: how effective are they in cutting down the need for using AC
A: Very effective, They keep your attic from reaching high temps
Q: so keeping my attic cool keeps the rest of my house cool?  I am a bit confused?
A: Most attic fans draw 300-400 Watts ours only draws 30 watts
A: When your attic reaches temps of 130-150 that hot air heats your house, this fan will keep you attic around 105 so your house will not heat up as fast.
Q: ok.  so what are the cost and is it something that a contractor has to put in or is it something I can do myself
A: You can do it yourself, all you do is mount the fan up to a gable vent and run power to it.
Q: and how often does that run. cost effectiveness?
A: Being that it only draws 30 watts it's not going to cost hardly anything compared to other attic fans. The fan runs all day long.
Q: what about the winter?
A: it is controlled on an optional thermostat, it only runs when your attic reaches 85-90 and above depending on where you set the thermostat.

View Garage and Attic Fan Installation Manual (.pdf)

This item does not qualify for free shipping.

QuietCool AFG ES-1500 Attic Fan Specifications:

AFG ES-1500 Specifications
Motor Voltage 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Energy Use 30 Watts
Air Flow 1560 CFM
CFM/Watt 52 CFM/Watt
# of Speeds 1
Motor Head Diameter 14 1/2"
Motor Head Length 9 3/4”
Controls IT-30001 Thermostat (included)
Warranty 15 Years
Shipping Weight 16 lbs.
Box Dimensions 17" x 17" x 12"
In the Box
- AFG ES-1500 - Thermostat - Accessory bag
Item Number: AFG ES-1500

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SUPER Ceiling fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert G. Briant (Manila Philippines) 10/26/2014 6:12 PM
I shipped two of these fans to the Philippines earlier this summer where I am now for the next nine months. I mounted both fans in the attic of our home "vertically" (with the galvanized mounting flanges screwed to the attic ceiling fans blowing "up". Not horizontally as they meant to be mounted. Frame in one white fluorescent light plastic grille trimmed with an oak cover below and you have two fans costing $698.00 moving like 3,120 cfm's of air for 60 watts of whisper quiet power with a ten year warranty! Here there is no attic cover needed for the fans as it is always hot. Heat rising, and when we run the aircon cool staying down. In the U.S. A. colder climate one could box the two fans in, and make an insulated top door that either opens and closes electrically or manually with a rope pulley system. Here in the Philippines the electric is "very" expensive. These fans are saving us a ton of money! Thanks quiet cool!
Peace and quiet
Perihelion (Oregon) 8/21/2013 4:36 PM
Very quiet fan. We almost never even notice it is on unless we are in the bathrooms directly under the fan, and then it is only a faint hum, probably from the vibrations through the wall. We really have to be still and listen for a few seconds to determine the sound is coming from the fan. The previous fan we had was so loud, we never wanted to run it while we were home, so we had the temperature on the thermostat set very high ~115F. With this one, we have it set to 85F (had to buy thermostat separately).
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Sizing Guidelines:

Basic Level
Of Cooling: Calculate approximately 2.0
to 2.5 CFM Per Square Feet Of Living Space

Best Level Of Cooling: Calculate approximately 2.5 to 3.0 CFM Per Square Feet Of Living Space

More On System Sizing -
Buying the right sized QuietCool system is important to maximum cooling and ventilating efficiency.  It is strongly recommended that you install fans that have between 2-3 times your home’s square footage in total CFM of airflow.

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