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How Do I Get My Fan Installed?

Installation is straightforward and simple. Ideally if you are handy you can install the fans yourself and have them wired by a licensed electrician or simply plug them in.  Normally any handyman, electrician or contractor can install a whole house fan.

How Do QuietCool Fans Work?

Because heat rises, the rooms upstairs and especially your attic is generally much hotter than the rest of your home.  This hot air acts like a heating blanket that keeps your entire home hot, even into the cool evening hours.

QuietCool Fans remove the hot and stale air from your entire home and replaces it with cool outside air.  The fans Quietly pull the cool air into the home through several opened windows.  As the air circulates, the fans suck the air up into your attic.  This creates a positive pressure in the attic causing the hot air to be pushed out your attic through the existing attic vents.  This continuous circulation of air not only cools your attic, but also cools your entire living space.  You can actually feet a cool breeze of air.

The motors and flexible ducting for the QuietCool Fans are installed in your attic space so the only thing visible from inside your home is an attractive, white ceiling grille and a switch & timer on the wall.  We recommend installing smaller fans (like the QC-1500, QC ES-1500, QC ES-2250 or the QC-2250) in each of your occupied bedrooms and a larger QuietCool fan in the hallway.  Yes, you can sleep with the QuietCools running on warm summer nights.

Utility companies report that the installation of a whole house fan can cut some air conditioning bills in half!

QuietCool Fans Are Truly Amazing! They Are Maintenance Free and Come With A 10 Year Warranty!

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QC-ES-4700 QuietCool Whole House Fan Hi: 4195 CFM / Low: 2304 CFM

Quiet Cool ES-4700
Quiet Cool ES-47004700 fan By Quiet Cool
MSRP: $1,264.00
Price: $1,149.00
You Save: $115.00 (9 %)
free shipping

QC ES-4700 With The ES Energy Saver Motor - 2 Speeds. Hi: 4195 CFM / Low: 2304 CFM Cools up to 2,100 sq feet.

The QuietCool QC ES-4700 is a large sized whole house fan that is built to cool and ventilation your home.  This QC-ES-4700 clad in bright green is the best whole house fan for big cooling job while using a small amount of energy.

QuietCool whole house fans work to cool those hot upstairs bedrooms as well as cool and ventilate your entire home.  Homeowners that have installed QuietCools have often times slashed their electric bills in half after installing their QuietCool Fan System!

The QC ES-4700 features a special brushless motor that only uses 415 Watts on High and 75 Watts of power on Low. This fan produces on Hi: 4195 CFM / Low: 2304 CFM of air flow!

Use the QC ES-4700 as part of a zoned cooling system by combining this fan with other smaller QuietCool Fans.  For example, this is the best fan to install in a central location such as a hallway or large room. Add a QC ES-1500 or QC ES-2250 to each occupied bedroom for the ultimate in zoned control and whole house cooling.

We recommend wiring your fans to a the QuietCool WiFi Hub. This will allow you to control your fans from your SmartPhone or I-Pad. Using the Wi-Fi hub and Free control app download is easier to install and gives you greater control over your fans. You will need to install a WiFi Hub on each of your fan motors.  Using the WiFi Hub also simplifies the installation process since wires will not have to be pulled to the wall switch.  If you prefer to use the traditional wall mounted controls and switch, we recommend the Electronic Timer and Two Speed Switch.

Optional Accessories:

For cold weather locations increase your insulation value from R-5 to R-40 with the optional winter grille & insert kit item # WI-KIT-1430

For the optional method of mounting the ceiling box on a vertical wall (instead of the normal ceiling location), you will need to order a vertical wall adapter. This fan uses the 14" x 26" Vertical Wall Adapter. VA-1430

FREE Shipping On The ES-4700 Fan: Up To A $150.00 Value! 

QC ES-4700 Specifications:

Motor Voltage 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Energy Use Hi: 415 Watts / Low: 75 Watts
Air Flow
Hi: 4195 CFM / Low: 2304 CFM

Square Foot Coverage @ 2 CFM per SQ FT Covers up to 2,100 SQ FT
Number of Speeds 2
Duct Diameter 18"
Duct Length 9 feet
Motor Head Diameter 18 1/2"
Motor Head Length 13 1/2"
Dampers Barometric Pressurized R5 Dampers
Controls (not included) 8 Hour Electronic Timer and HI-LO-OFF Switch or Wi-Fi Smart Control (not included)
Warranty 10 Years
Framing None required
Joist Cutting None required; fits 16” or 24” on center
Minimum Suggested Attic Venting 
5.6 Sq.ft net free area
Ceiling Rough Opening 14 1/4" X 30 1/4"
Removable Grille Outside Dimension 16" x 32"

Shipping Weight 75 lbs.
Box Dimensions 36” x 22” x 40”
In the Box  - QC ES-4700 Motorhead - Damper Box - Ceiling Grille - 9 foot duct - Cut-out template - Accessory bag - Window locks

Item Number: QC ES-4700

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Sizing Guidelines:

Basic Level
Of Cooling: Calculate approximately 2.0
to 2.5 CFM Per Square Feet Of Living Space

Best Level Of Cooling: Calculate approximately 2.5 to 3.0 CFM Per Square Feet Of Living Space

More On System Sizing -
Buying the right sized QuietCool system is important to maximum cooling and ventilating efficiency.  It is strongly recommended that you install fans that have between 2-3 times your home’s square footage in total CFM of airflow.

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