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How Do I Get My Fan Installed?

Installation is straightforward and simple. Ideally if you are handy you can install the fans yourself and have them wired by a licensed electrician or simply plug them in.  Normally any handyman, electrician or contractor can install a whole house fan.

How Do QuietCool Fans Work?

Because heat rises, the rooms upstairs and especially your attic is generally much hotter than the rest of your home.  This hot air acts like a heating blanket that keeps your entire home hot, even into the cool evening hours.

QuietCool Fans remove the hot and stale air from your entire home and replaces it with cool outside air.  The fans Quietly pull the cool air into the home through several opened windows.  As the air circulates, the fans suck the air up into your attic.  This creates a positive pressure in the attic causing the hot air to be pushed out your attic through the existing attic vents.  This continuous circulation of air not only cools your attic, but also cools your entire living space.  You can actually feet a cool breeze of air.

The motors and flexible ducting for the QuietCool Fans are installed in your attic space so the only thing visible from inside your home is an attractive, white ceiling grille and a switch & timer on the wall.  We recommend installing smaller fans (like the QC-1500, QC ES-1500, QC ES-2250 or the QC-2250) in each of your occupied bedrooms and a larger QuietCool fan in the hallway.  Yes, you can sleep with the QuietCools running on warm summer nights.

Utility companies report that the installation of a whole house fan can cut some air conditioning bills in half!

QuietCool Fans Are Truly Amazing! They Are Maintenance Free and Come With A 10 Year Warranty!

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QC CL-3100 Whole House Fan Hi: 3126 CFM / Low: 2847 CFM

Quiet Cool 3100
Quiet Cool 3100CL-3100 installed in atticdamper system
MSRP: $879.00
Price: $799.00
You Save: $80.00 (9 %)
free shipping

The QC CL-3100 is one of the most popular QuietCool whole house fans on the market.  This powerful fan moves an impressive Air Flow; Hi: 3126 CFM / Low: 2847 CFM.  It is designed to cools up to 1,570 square feet of living space.

This is the right fan to install in a larger room or hallway in combination smaller individual bedroom fans (QC-1500 or QC-2250 if a multiple fan configuration is desired) to attain the correct air flow for your home and for zoned cooling and ventilation control.  To properly size your whole house fan you simply take your square footage and multiply it by 2-3 times. So a 2,000 sq foot home would need about 4,000-6,000 CFM.  This level or CFM can be achieved by using one large QC fan fan or multiple QC fans.  Just add the CFM output per fan until you get to the aforementioned CFM range.

Installation is very easy and wiring can be done by any electrician or it can be plugged into an attic outlet.  A handy template is included to install the ceiling grille.  A power cord is included with this and all of the Classic Line fans for easy plug-in installation.  The QC CL-3100 uses a built-in damper that prevents air from entering the attic or from the living area when the fan is off.

Product Controls - We recommend wiring your fans to a the QuietCool WiFi Hub. This will allow you to control your fans from your SmartPhone or I-Pad. Using the Wi-Fi hub and Free control app download is easier to install and gives you greater control over your fans. You will need to install a WiFi Hub on each of your fan motors.  Using the WiFi Hub also simplifies the installation process since wires will not have to be pulled to the wall switch. 

If you prefer to use the traditional wall mounted controls and switch, we recommend the Electronic Timer and Two Speed Switch for two speed capable fans.

If necessary, the damper box can optionally be mounted on a wall instead of a ceiling with the use of the optional 14" x 22" Vertical Wall Box Adapter, VA-1422

The QC-3100 is maintenance free and comes with a 10 year warranty.

Download The Classic Line Installation Guide(.pdf)qc-3100 fan manual 

Download QuietCool Product Information Sheet (.pdf)qc-3100 fan manual 

FREE Shipping On The QC CL-3100 : Up To A $125.00 Value!

For cold weather locations increase your insulation value from R-5 to R-40 with the optional winter grille & insert kit WI-KIT-1422

Classic CL-3100 Advanced Direct Drive Whole House Fan with Dampers

QC CL-3100 Specifications:

Motor Voltage 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Energy Use Hi: 295 Watts Low: 245 Watts
Air Flow  Hi: 3126 CFM / Low: 2847 CFM
Square Foot Coverage @ 2 CFM per SQ FT Covers up to 1570 SQ FT
HVI-916 Airflow (for CA Title 24 New Construction) : 2380 CFM
# of Speeds 2
Duct Diameter 16"
Duct Length 6 feet
Motor Head Diameter 16 1/2"
Motor Head Length 13 1/2"
Dampers Barometric Pressurized R5 Dampers
Controls (not included) 8 Hour Electronic Timer and HI-LOW-OFF Switch or
Wi-Fi Smart Control (not included)
Warranty 10 Years
Framing None required
Joist Cutting None required; fits 16” or 24” on center
Minimum Suggested Attic Venting 4.17 SQ FT net free area
Ceiling Rough Opening 14 1/4" X 22 1/4"
Removable Grille Outside Dimension 16" x 24"
Shipping Weight 56 lbs.
Box Dimensions 27” x 20” x 38”
In the Box: QC CL-3100 Motorhead, - Damper Box - Ceiling Grille - 6 foot duct - Cut-out template - Accessory bag - Window locks
Item Number: QC CL-3100
Free Shipping

Whole House Fan Reviews

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Great fan
Thomas Virtue (San Diego) 5/5/2016 12:50 PM
Just finished the installation of the 3100. I installed the two speed wiring per diagram and video. My only complaint was the location of the grounding screw in the fan head. Very difficult to connect. The ground lug is at the bottom of the connection box. The is especially difficult when your working in an attic with limited head room. The other concern is there is no electric disconnect in the attic for the fan. No big deal, but code does require a disconnect withing eye sight of the motor. Overall I am very happy with the fan.
Yes On The QC-3100!
Charlie S (Medford OR) 4/21/2014 4:07 PM
Yes On The QC-3100 I'm new to whole house fans and I was astonished by how well they work. The qc-3100 is powerful and quiet enough to install over your child's bed..... This fan is amazing! If you are undecided on the QuietCool, I suggest that you buy it, you will not regret it.
Very effective system.
D.Miller (Trufant) 4/21/2014 3:58 PM
This QuietCool fan is installed in a 1,400 sq. foot home, and does a remarkable job. Quiet and effective. Easy installation. Good value.
Very effective system.
D.Miller (Trufant) 4/21/2014 3:57 PM
This QuietCool fan is installed in a 1,400 sq. foot home, and does a remarkable job. Quiet and effective. Easy installation. Good value.
ERIK (BATCHHELDER) (USA) 4/21/2014 3:54 PM
I have installed 2 traditional belt drive whole house fans before in a friend's house. The first one had its motor gone bad within a year. The down side of the traditional whole house fan is that there is no insulation above the fan and the fan is very loud (like a helicopter lading on the roof, when the fan is at full speed). Of course, you can build a box around the fan and insulate it in the winter. However, I was looking for a product that is much quieter than the traditional whole house fan, easy to install and much lesser maintenance in terms of insulating it every winter. My house structure and requirements are as the following: 1. 1700 sq feet above grade (two floors) + 400 sq feet of finished basement. Most bedrooms are on the 2nd floor and 1 bedroom is in the basement. 90% of the square footage has ceiling height of 8 ft. The other 10% has a ceiling height of about 18 feet (cathedral ceiling). 2. I have blown-in insulation of R39 or more in the attic. 3. I only want to cool down the above grade (1st and 2nd floor) in the house. Fan Design: 1. Unlike traditional whole house fan, the grille that is attached to the ceiling has no louvers. From my opinion this is good design because I have seen traditional whole house fan where the louvered grille rattles and can be quite noisy when the fan is turned on. 2. There are two insulated flaps (I believe about R5 value) in the rectangular duct. When the fan is turned on, the flaps open up and stays open. It does not rattle. It's very difficult to see the flaps through the grille. Therefore, I think this design does NOT make your ceiling look ugly when you look up. 3. The 6 foot duct pipe/trunk is also insulated. 4. The fan has two speed settings. It comes attached with an electrical 3-prong cord. You can either put an electrical box in the attic and connect the cord to the electrical box or remove the cord and attach your own 14-3 Romex cable. If you use the cord, you only get

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Sizing Guidelines:

Basic Level
Of Cooling: Calculate approximately 2.0
to 2.5 CFM Per Square Feet Of Living Space

Best Level Of Cooling: Calculate approximately 2.5 to 3.0 CFM Per Square Feet Of Living Space

More On System Sizing -
Buying the right sized QuietCool system is important to maximum cooling and ventilating efficiency.  It is strongly recommended that you install fans that have between 2-3 times your home’s square footage in total CFM of airflow.

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